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Harit Sanjivani(375g)

MRP: INR 1000

Product Description

Harit Sanjivani Stage No: 1 – An unique treatment to make soil fertile and productive
 Dissolve the insoluble Minerals in soil & makes the soil Porous.
 Increase the water holding capacity of the soil.
 More growth of the white roots of the crop.
 Helps in supplying the micronutrients to the crop.
 Growth of beneficial Micro flora in the soil which helps in increasing the productivity
of the soil.
 Increase the organic carbon in the soil.
Harit Sanjivani Stage No: 2 – 100 gm. For balance Vegetative Growth
 Balanced vegetative growth of the crops.
 Increase in the size of leaves & increase chlorophyll concentration & boost the
photosynthetic activity.
 Increases fertility of crops.
 Provides organic nitrogen, quick & easy absorption by crop.
Harit Sanjivani Stage No: 3 – 150 gm. Treatment at flowering Stage
 Increases number of fruiting branches.
 Induces a greater number of female flowers on the crop.
 Supplies specific minerals required during reproductive phase of the crop.
 Robust growth of the crop.
 Keeps the Carbon & Nitrogen (C: N Ratio) of the crop in balance.
 Helps in decrease flower dropping.
Harit Sanjivani Stage No: 4 – 250 gm. Treatment at Fruit development stage
 Helps in providing the balance nutrients to the leaves & fruits.
 Balanced growth of the crop & fruits.
 Helps in better setting of fruits.
 Early natural maturity of fruits.
 Manage to some extent water stress, preventing flower & fruit drop.

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