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RCM Business

Rcm Health Guard Rice Bran Oil(5ltr)

MRP: INR 750

Product Description

Health Guard Oil possesses the finest properties of all frying mediums. Rich in Oryzanol, very low in saturates and free from trans-fatty acids, it is good for health. Its latest process in refining of oil in which no harsh chemical/caustic is used while refining resulting in better retention of anti-oxidants and medicinal values of that oil.
  • Helps in increasing the good cholesterol by lowering the bad cholesterol and also controls hypertension. Best for heart
  • Helps to increase efficiency of insulin. Best for diabetic person 
  • Helps to cure acidity, gas and other gastrointestinal troubles.
  • Strengthens muscular system and helps in menopausal problems.
  • This oil is Anti Thrombotic. Decreases ageing effects. 

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